“Now Is The Time To Do”

Richard Branson is an entrepreneur. He founded Virgin Group, one of the world’s most respected brands. You might be familiar with Virgin Mobile or Virgin Airlines. But did you know that Branson has a hand in a wide range of sectors that include financial services, leisure, music, and more?! I recently came across an article … Continue reading

Me versus the Lizard Brain

Being indecisive. Such a bad characteristic. But sometimes it’s good to be indecisive. It means you’re completely thinking through the pros and cons of each side…and then the pros and cons of each pro and con. It means both (or several) of your choices are so important that time is required to ensure the best … Continue reading

Now Hiring: Social Media Strategists

First, I was wrong. In my previous post, I predicted that the Oregon Ducks would win a close championship game against the Auburn Tigers. Well, the Ducks lost. Sad, I know. In that same article, I also made some predictions in the social media and public relations field. Right or wrong is still to be … Continue reading

“America’s Greatest Marketer”

One of the things I do “on the side” is work for the Salem chapter of the Public Relations Society of America. I sit on the board of directors – co-chairing the VP of Professional Development with Susan Appleby from SEDCOR. Each month we have meetings at the Salem Chamber of Commerce with different presenters … Continue reading