Boom! Time for a Game-Changer.

My previous post made me reflect on some of my best work done at the Oregon State Fair. One of the many highlights has got to be my take on Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” television spot created by Portland-based advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy. I didn’t create a commercial, but I did … Continue reading

Anthony Tham = Award-winner? [Preview]

Award-winner Anthony Tham…sounds nice, but I definitely can’t take all the credit. Last week, during the International Association of Fairs and Exposition (IAFE) Annual Conference in Las Vegas, the Oregon State Fair was awarded several awards in a number of categories. One of them involves the “Twitter Adventure” promotions event that I spearheaded while I … Continue reading

To the Future and Back

If I had a DeLorean like Michael J. Fox did in the movie Back to the Future, I would fly back in time to the early days of the website. It would be interesting to watch how people and businesses reacted to this “new technology.” The internet, or “World Wide Web” as some people would … Continue reading

One Year Later…

Frigid temperatures, school buses roaming the streets, and my favorite, streaking colors as I drive around town, marks the season of fall. One of my favorite spots in Salem to view colorful fall foliage is near downtown on Gaines Street in between Summer and Winter Street. I like to say “Fall colors appear between Summer … Continue reading

The Social Network…for Businesses

I joined Facebook a couple years ago; using it as a tool to connect with past and current friends. Who knew a couple years later, I would be logging into to the website for work. Facebook has transformed from a highly exclusive site at Harvard (seen The Social Network?), into an amazingly popular marketing tool … Continue reading