My Commencement Speech

I was cleaning out some stuff from college when I came across a copy of my commencement speech that I delivered to a small group of peers who were a part of the committee that chose the student commencement speaker. Unfortunately, I was not chosen (although I was told I was the second best). Coincidentally, … Continue reading

Get Your MBA…in 30 Seconds

Okay, you can’t get a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in 30 seconds. But hear me out. I love school. I love the atmosphere; I love the abundance of caffeine-powered, time-stretched students and teachers; and most of all, I love being surrounded by a collective group of people with ambitions and a desire to challenge … Continue reading

Tick Tock

Tick…tock….tick…tock… Time…so precious, so unpredictable, so…fast. It seems like time goes by so fast. So we do everything we can to fit in as much as we can each and every day. One thing that I haven’t had time to fit in was this: a blog. Been thinking about it for more than a year, … Continue reading