Battle of the Sexes

Who’s the better [insert category here]. The battle between men and women has lasted for centuries (I think). Now the battle has extended to online activities. Who’s uses social media better? Men or women? Looking at the entertaining inforgraphic below, I would rephrase that and say, “Who uses social media more?” Looks like the men … Continue reading

Make an Infographic of Your Twitter Profile

Infographics are all the rage these days. When I came across an article about creating your own infographic of a Twitter profile, I knew I must do so STAT! According to and my Twitter profile, I’m a techie, obsessed with coffee, and talk about topics such as cars, sports, and “didnapost.” Okay, so this … Continue reading

I Love Infographics, but…

I love infographics. I think it’s because of the visual appeal that brings “boring” numbers, stats, facts, etc. to life. I haven’t came along an infographic that I didn’t like…until now. The following infographic was posted on Mashable. The “info” portion of the infographic was great. It was the “graphic” that I did not enjoy…specifically, … Continue reading

Getting a Job in Social Media [Infographic]

It’s been three years since I first jumped onto the social media bandwagon. Technically, it has been longer but I think posting what I had for breakfast on Myspace/Facebook doesn’t count. The bandwagon ride was quite comfortable back then. There were lots of leg room and people didn’t really expect a whole lot from those … Continue reading