Social Media Leaders Podcast

I recently had the honor of participating in a podcast with John Hope-Johnstone. I met John when he was the CEO of Corvallis Tourism and I was the public relations manager at Travel Salem. John has an incredible depth of knowledge in marketing. He has spearheaded award-winning marketing strategies at Corvallis Tourism, written two books … Continue reading

LivingSocial Takes a Page from Groupon

It’s been about a week and a half since I reaped the benefits of LivingSocial; a website that offers daily deals on various local businesses. Sound familiar? It’s because they’re basically the same as Groupon. For ten dollars, I purchased myself a $20 gift card for As easy as cutting coupons, I signed up … Continue reading

Google Fails to “Tip” their Deal with Groupon

Last week, Chicago-based website Groupon declined a $6 billion acquisition offer from Google. It was also rumored that Groupon rejected a $3 billion acquisition offer from Yahoo! last month. Did Groupon make a stupid move or was this a smart move which may result in an incredible revenue gain in the future? Groupon is a … Continue reading