Battle of the Sexes

Who’s the better [insert category here]. The battle between men and women has lasted for centuries (I think). Now the battle has extended to online activities. Who’s uses social media better? Men or women? Looking at the entertaining inforgraphic below, I would rephrase that and say, “Who uses social media more?” Looks like the men … Continue reading

More Changes Coming to Facebook

Social media has dramatically changed the way we communicate. It has also added a new dimension in business marketing. But how exactly does social sites such as Twitter and Facebook make money? Simple answer: advertising. Twitter has long promoted their “sponsored tweets.” Sponsored tweets is an advertising platform that “connect advertisers with tweeters.” Many major … Continue reading

I Love Infographics, but…

I love infographics. I think it’s because of the visual appeal that brings “boring” numbers, stats, facts, etc. to life. I haven’t came along an infographic that I didn’t like…until now. The following infographic was posted on Mashable. The “info” portion of the infographic was great. It was the “graphic” that I did not enjoy…specifically, … Continue reading

Facebook Introduces “Timeline”

If you have 37 minutes to spare, watch this video featuring Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduce all that’s new (there’s a lot!) with the leading social network. Some quick highlights: Timeline – a completely redesigned profile which will show the “story of your life.” This is a major update! Read up on it by visiting … Continue reading

@Portland_State Here You Go.

I recently read an article about how colleges can take their social media presence to the next level. It was an insightful article with good points on how colleges can embrace social media and use it to engage current students and recruit potential ones as well. After reading the article, I sent a tweet to … Continue reading

Kenneth Cole, Groupon, and…iCarly? A Public Backlash

UPDATE [Feb 11, 2011 at 12:35am]: Groupon Founder and CEO Andrew Mason posted on his blog that he “feels terrible that we [Groupon] made you feel bad.” Consequently, he has decided to pull the controversial Groupon ads from the air. Read more on his blog. Kenneth Cole, Groupon, and…iCarly? What do these have in common? … Continue reading

LivingSocial Takes a Page from Groupon

It’s been about a week and a half since I reaped the benefits of LivingSocial; a website that offers daily deals on various local businesses. Sound familiar? It’s because they’re basically the same as Groupon. For ten dollars, I purchased myself a $20 gift card for As easy as cutting coupons, I signed up … Continue reading