Using Social Media to Encourage Entrepreneurship in the Asian American Community

Over the summer, I worked with two of my peers at¬†Willamette University on the National Asian MBA’s (NAAMBA)¬†Global Case Competition. It was a great opportunity to discuss and analyze issues relating to marginalized communities. Amid our summer internships, we found time to get together to research and write an executive summary that hopefully would advance … Continue reading

Surprise! It’s from Walmart…

When you think of Walmart, do you think about steak? How about clothes? You probably answered no to both. While watching “re-runs” of the Olympics last night, I saw a Walmart commercial similar to their “Steak-Over” ad that has been airing for the past couple of months. Instead of steak, the behemoth company staged a … Continue reading

Buzzin’ Around at Hive

This summer I’ve been interning at Hive, Inc. – a creative marketing agency located in Portland. It’s been a great experience! I’m able to utilize the knowledge I’ve gained during my first year at Willamette and apply it to what I’ve been working on at Hive. One of the most valuable skill-set I’ve learned is … Continue reading

Battle of the Sexes

Who’s the better [insert category here]. The battle between men and women has lasted for centuries (I think). Now the battle has extended to online activities. Who’s uses social media better? Men or women? Looking at the entertaining inforgraphic below, I would rephrase that and say, “Who uses social media more?” Looks like the men … Continue reading

Do Employers “Like” Social Media?

Social media has been a success for many companies. At the same time, it has caused many disruptions due to employee use. I came across this infographic that talks about how employers feel about social media. Check it out!

Elaboration Likelihood Model – “Stop the Texts, Stop the Wrecks”

***The following is an excerpt/extension of my assignment submission as part of the Integrated Marketing Communications course I’m taking at Willamette University’s Atkinson Graduate School of Management.*** The Ad Council is a nonprofit organization with a mission of influencing positive social change through communications programs that make a difference in the society. A recent campaign … Continue reading

Social Media as a Social Science

I came across a Fast Company article that talked about how social media is more of a social science, and not technology. What really caught my attention was the following sentence: The value of social media comes down to people, relationships, and the meaningful actions between them. This brings up the argument of whether the … Continue reading