My Photography

I’ve invested in a DSLR after thousands of photos taken with a point and shoot camera. Equipped with a Canon Xsi Rebel (and recently a new lens!), I’ve taking into myself to explore the wondrous world of photography. Something that use to be as simple as pressing a button has transformed into a work of art. Every detail from the camera settings and type of lenses, to the environment and subject, to the type of photo editing software…there’s so much more to taking a photo that I had ever imagined!

I have so much to learn. I’m definitely looking forward in increasing my competency of everything photography!

Below are a couple of my favorite photos:

I love the vibrant look of this photo. The clouds in the sky to a distance makes it look even better:

Patience is key. I had to wait ten minutes before being able to snap this shot. There was an older couple in the background taking their time…

You can’t not have a photo of the State Capitol in Salem! Here’s one of my faves:

I decided to give this photo a touch up with a black and white photo and color accent for the street car:

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