Things I’m Thankful For

I was so busy stuffing myself with turkey, ham, apple pie…the works, and battling for position at Best Buy, Target, etc. for Black Friday, that I almost forgot to write about what is the most important things in life. It’s usually the intangibles that make up happiness. Here are two “things” that I’m thankful for: … Continue reading

Origins of “Morning Roast” + Anthony the Barista

When I decided to start a blog, I knew I needed an awesome name for it. Days and weeks went by as tried to figure out what to name this blog. Finally one night, the words “morning roast” popped into my head. “Morning roast” is usually associated with a morning cup of coffee. Since I … Continue reading

My Commencement Speech

I was cleaning out some stuff from college when I came across a copy of my commencement speech that I delivered to a small group of peers who were a part of the committee that chose the student commencement speaker. Unfortunately, I was not chosen (although I was told I was the second best). Coincidentally, … Continue reading

Tick Tock

Tick…tock….tick…tock… Time…so precious, so unpredictable, so…fast. It seems like time goes by so fast. So we do everything we can to fit in as much as we can each and every day. One thing that I haven’t had time to fit in was this: a blog. Been thinking about it for more than a year, … Continue reading