“Now Is The Time To Do”

Richard Branson is an entrepreneur. He founded Virgin Group, one of the world’s most respected brands. You might be familiar with Virgin Mobile or Virgin Airlines. But did you know that Branson has a hand in a wide range of sectors that include financial services, leisure, music, and more?!

I recently came across an article he posted on LinkedIn. Channeling Seth Godin, a best selling author and marketing guru, Branson talked about the need to start now. Whether in business or relationships or fitness, it’s time to stop waiting for the perfect time. Start now! This is a great post as we all reflect on what we’re hoping to achieve in 2013. For me? I’m a few months away from graduating with my master’s degree. It was about six years ago when I was an undergrad at Portland State University when I told myself I wanted to pursue a master’s degree one day. My plan was to graduate, get a few years of experience, and then apply for grad school. On the surface, it may sound like everything worked out as planned. This never happens.

As a kid, I was fascinated with dominoes. I would imagine creating this out-of-the-world chain of dominoes, and with one finger, witness my creation go wild! Life is kind of like dominoes. Nothing happens just out of the blue. One thing happens after another. You’re where you are at today because you did something in the past. Domino effect.

Branson said, “Now is the time to do.” So why are you still reading this? Go!

Photo courtesy of Richard Branson.

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