In the Year 2019

I first saw the movie Minority Report starring Tom Cruise back when I was in high school. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I always wonder (I’m sure I’m not the only one) what the world will be like 10, 20, 30+ years into the future. The movie gave us a futuristic glimpse. Of course, that was all Hollywood “made up” stuff that we can only hope to one day see. Or for some, hope that it may never come to fruition. Either way, it has been ten years since the release of that movie. Over the past ten years we’ve seen substantial changes in technology. Remember the Motorala Razr craze in the mid-2000s? Those small flip-up phone sure were fancy huh? You can call and text people on one compact device. Amazing. These days, “phones” can search the internet, watch high-quality videos, video chat with friends, and so much more! I just downloaded an app in which I can speak into the phone and have it translate my phrase into 10+ different languages. Back then, you’ll have to flip through a travelers translation booklet to do the job. Progress.

I recently came across a video created by Microsoft. The video is a concept of what the firm thinks the world would look like in 2019 (in terms of productivity). It’s one amazing video! There are some substantial technological progress seen in the video. The year 2019 is about six years from now. Thinking back to six years ago (2006), and comparing it to what we have now, I’m not quite sure if we can make that great of a leap moving forward in the same time frame. However, technology has vastly improved since 2006, and in terms of progress, the technology and resources that we have now in 2012 should accelerate due to these advancements. But to reach the vision seen in the video will take substantial investments in advancing technology. What do you guys think? Hopeful vision or Hollywood stunt?

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