Using Social Media to Encourage Entrepreneurship in the Asian American Community

Over the summer, I worked with two of my peers at Willamette University on the National Asian MBA’s (NAAMBA) Global Case Competition. It was a great opportunity to discuss and analyze issues relating to marginalized communities. Amid our summer internships, we found time to get together to research and write an executive summary that hopefully would advance us to the next round. Unfortunately we didn’t make it, but the experience of participating in a vigorous academic case competition was quite satisfying. Below is an excerpt of our final deliverable. Click on the link to read the entire entry on Willamette’s blog. Now if you excuse me, I have to start packing for the NAAMBA conference this weekend.

In 2011, UC Los Angeles student Alexandra Wallace’s video rant “Asians in the Library” went viral over social media. Following this event, online petitions and video responses by Asian Americans were distributed throughout the Internet. Social media sites — including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr — allowed Asian Americans the opportunity to voice their opposition to Wallace’s narrow-minded declarations that the normative image of an “American” is being white. This example is one of many throughout history that have marginalized Asian Americans from mainstream society. In a 21st century context, however, the broadcasting power of social media has provided a catalyst through which a marginalized group — in this case, Asian Americans — can join the public forum. Continue reading…

One Response to “Using Social Media to Encourage Entrepreneurship in the Asian American Community”
  1. Carin Pike says:

    Good for you buddy! This looks like an amazing project.

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