I Love Infographics, but…

I love infographics. I think it’s because of the visual appeal that brings “boring” numbers, stats, facts, etc. to life. I haven’t came along an infographic that I didn’t like…until now.

The following infographic was posted on Mashable. The “info” portion of the infographic was great. It was the “graphic” that I did not enjoy…specifically, having to turn my head to read the “Engagement with the Facebook Platform” section.

This brings up the topic of infographics, or information graphics. What makes a good infographic? Is it the content or the visual appeal? Infographics are useful because it’s a tool you can use to present complex information in a quick and clear manner. Done correctly, it can be an asset whether you’re presenting information during a meeting or constructing a resume infographic during a job application process. Done incorrectly, it can be a mess.

Examples of nice infographics can be seen on GOOD and visual.ly.

Check out the infographic I feel could be improved below:

Image courtesy of Mashable.

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