Get Your MBA…in 2 Years

Eight months ago I wrote a post – Get Your MBA…in 30 Seconds – which is about Fast Company’s “30 Second MBA” resource. It’s an online “curriculum” with advice and insights from people working from the trenches — entrepreneurs, business professionals, executives…those who are making things happen in the business world. I had no idea that in just a few months, I would be pursuing an MBA…the real thing, at Willamette University.

I’m pursuing my master’s degree in business with a focus in marketing and/or human resources at Willamette’s Atkinson Graduate School of Business. Grad school has been on my mind for quite a while, and now that it’s been two months, it’s still quite surreal what I’m doing!

Lots of hard work is in store for me! But don’t worry, I’ll still continue to update this blog with my thoughts on PR, marketing, social media, and more. So let’s take a deep breath together…and exhale.

Photo courtesy of Willamette University.

2 Responses to “Get Your MBA…in 2 Years”
  1. I look forward to reading your impressions. We should meet up occasionally to compare programs.


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