Origins of “Morning Roast” + Anthony the Barista

When I decided to start a blog, I knew I needed an awesome name for it. Days and weeks went by as tried to figure out what to name this blog. Finally one night, the words “morning roast” popped into my head.

“Morning roast” is usually associated with a morning cup of coffee. Since I usually have a cup of coffee in the morning when I work, I thought this name would be appropriate.

Speaking of coffee, I recently decided to switch to a french press brewing method at home. I’ve never used a french press before. When a friend on Twitter mentioned this form of brewing method, I thought he was talking about the coffee place, French Press, located in Salem. Nevertheless, I looked into in.

After some research, I went with the Bodum Brazil French Press. The process looked simple. There weren’t a lot of parts. Pretty basic, pretty easy I thought. So I gave it a try. I took the coffee maker apart just to show you the various components:

Then I got out the freshly grounded Starbucks Pike Place Roast (sold separately) and poured 7 grams of coffee per 4 oz of water (or so I thought…more later).

After pouring hot water into the french press, I waited a minute before giving it a quick stir. I then placed the plunger/filter on top and waited another three minutes.

After a total of four minutes, I slowly pressed down (haha, I guess that’s why it’s called french press…get it?) on the plunger which filtered the course coffee grounds. Coffee…done.

So overall, the coffee making process was pretty simple. Clean up was easy as well. But the most important thing is how the coffee tasted. This first time? Not so good. I realized I used too much water and not enough coffee grounds. I was suppose to put 7 grams of coffee grounds per 4 oz of water. However, I ended up pouring double the amount of water. So the coffee tasted like…water. Lesson learned.

Featured photo courtesy of Flickr, LadyDucayne.

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