The Resurrection of Brandon Roy

Something special happened today. On the eve of Easter, basketball fans everywhere saw a different type of resurrection. The one of Brandon Roy.

Down by as much as 23 points, Roy led the Portland Trail Blazers to an inspiring win against the Dallas Mavericks to even the series at 2-2 heading into Monday’s matchup in Dallas. It was an amazing game, but more importantly, it was a true showing of an All-Star player that no one — including Roy himself — imagined would be able to be on display ever again.

It was sad to see him go through what he did during the regular season and the first two games of this playoff series following his double knee surgery earlier this year. Roy is a classy guy. Forget about his runaway selection as the 2007 Rookie of the Year. Or being named an NBA All-Star the three years following. Ignore how Roy became the face of the Blazers; lifting the franchise from the cellars of the league to a legit contender. In a span of a typical NBA game quarter (12 minutes), Roy proved to all of his doubters…and himself, that he’s back and will…no, have faced and stared adversity straight in the eye.

It was an emotional game. I’m sure for Roy and his teammates as seen in how they embraced him after the final buzzer. But I’m talking about the fans. Twitter was buzzing with tweets about the game and Roy. The term “Brandon Roy” is still trending on Twitter in Portland and Dallas! Like I said earlier, Roy is a classy guy. That’s why fans everywhere, not just in Portland, wants him to come back strong following his injuries. Seeing what just happened earlier today gave me hope that Roy still has what it takes to be a great player in the league. It was an awe-inspiring game; one that Blazer fans and I’m sure, Roy and his teammates, will never forget.

Brandon Roy…where amazing happened.

Update: Saw this awesome video on YouTube. Enjoy!

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