Me versus the Lizard Brain

Being indecisive. Such a bad characteristic. But sometimes it’s good to be indecisive. It means you’re completely thinking through the pros and cons of each side…and then the pros and cons of each pro and con. It means both (or several) of your choices are so important that time is required to ensure the best choice is made. However, there’s a fine line between taking time to think things through and procrastinating.

In some cases, flipping a coin might be the best option. But when it comes to serious…I like to call them, “life-changing decisions,” a coin flip simply cannot be justified due to the implications of the decision.

An internal battle is raging inside of me. On one side, my goals, my dreams, and my desire to challenge myself intellectually. On the other, my lizard brain. The lizard brain, as describes by marketing guru Seth Godin, is the voice in your head that tells you to stay put, to do what’s only comfortable, to not change because what you want to do is not possible…not ever possible. But I tend to disagree. Possibilities are for the taking. If you want, you can have it. But you must work for it. Work hard for it.

For a while, I felt like I’ve been floating along in life. Suddenly, I felt a sense of direction. I sensed movement in myself; heading down a path that I had yearned to take since my college days at Portland State. I have my family to thank for reigniting my interest and pushing me toward the direction that I can see myself taking.

Every day though, I still hear whispers in my ear coming from my lizard brain. “Don’t do it” it would say. “Just settle, you’re fine where you are.” I can’t completely ignore it. No, not yet.

The battle continues…

Photo courtesy of Flickr, Pat Dalton.

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