Work-Life Balance

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I was reading the first paragraph of this blog post (see below) from angelatisone and imagined what my pie chart would look like. Sure there are certain things that are more important than others, but overall I would want my chart to be even…like you said, “balanced.” I then scrolled down and saw the “wheel” image with each aspect of ones life in complete balance. Ahh, if only that was true…

Work-life balance is definitely something that is talked about in the beginning, when companies are out recruiting qualified professionals to join their team. But soon after, most of the time the term “work-life balance” quickly fades away. Not because it doesn’t really exist, but because of you, and me, and the many people that value and want to create work that surpasses expectations. I can go home at 5pm any day. But I stay after because I think the presentation needs to be finished early or the story idea needs a little revising before being sent to the media.

When people look at a pie chart that paints a picture of their work-life balance, I assume they look at each section as the amount of time spent for each one. For example, the “work” section is larger so people assume that you spend more time at work than with friends. I like to view it differently.

In work-life balance, each one of us has our own set of expectations. These expectations frame the way our own chart would look like. On a basic level, our charts should look the same – balanced – because that is what we expect from ourselves. It is only when we are forced (either internal or external influences) to be somewhere or do something when we would rather do something else, is when our chart becomes unbalanced.

Her blog entry is definitely an interesting post! I think we all strive to have a balance between work and life. Companies should make an effort to help their employees reach that balance, which studies have shown, will in turn improve their work performance.

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On the Corner of Life & Work
While digging for some information for an upcoming interview, I came across something on a company’s website that, surprisingly, made me think: “Why don’t all companies promote this concept?” It seems simple and attainable, yet so many of us forget how to properly balance our lives. One of my past professors drew a pie chart on the board during our last class and had us label (and give a percentage to) different pieces of our lives that we work to achieve balance in. Slices of this pie included relationships, work, religious/spiritual activities, exercise and fitness, etc.


Featured image courtesy of angelatisone.

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    This looks awesome! Thanks so much for the pingback, I look forward to reading more from you!
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