Get Your MBA…in 30 Seconds

Okay, you can’t get a Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) in 30 seconds. But hear me out.

I love school. I love the atmosphere; I love the abundance of caffeine-powered, time-stretched students and teachers; and most of all, I love being surrounded by a collective group of people with ambitions and a desire to challenge themselves on all levels — intellectually, socially, physically, etc. — en route to becoming closer in reaching their goals and dreams.

During my college days at Portland State University, I had intentions of possibly going to graduate school. An MBA would be a nice degree to have under my belt. But I didn’t want to go straight from obtaining my bachelor’s degree to a master’s degree. So I did what most people do after graduating…I found a job.

I understand that a job isn’t just a job. It’s always a stepping stone for the next greatest thing. That “thing” may show up years from now, or it might not show up at all! You may be already in your dream role. But the point is that whatever you decide to do, you should put in all your effort because you’ll never know where it may lead you.

Is an MBA in my future? Possibly. But as of now, I have different goals in mind. Till then, I’ll brush up on MBA-type “curriculum” by consuming advice and insights from the trenches — entrepreneurs, business professionals, executives…people who are making things happen in the business world — on 30 Second MBA; a new venture by Fast Company.

Check it out. You might learn a thing or two.

Image courtesy of Flickr, Esteban Trigos.

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