Power of Photography

Over the past three years, I’ve probably taken more than 5,000 photos! To some, that may be a lot. To others, not so much. Over the course of the past couple years, I’ve taken a lot of interest in photography, which resulted in my purchase of a nice Canon dSLR last summer.

It’s amazing what photography can do! I came across this article on FastCompany.com that describes how Alan Taylor — a web developer for The Boston Globe — went on to start a photoblog for the paper’s site, “The Big Picture.” The blog features images from services such as the Associated Press and Getty, and went on to win several awards — sparking the attention of The Atlantic editors who hired Taylor to start a new blog for their site titled “In Focus” that launches next month.

Photo-rich websites are popping up everywhere and I think it’s great! Photos play an important role whether you’re in design, marketing, social media, or just a reader skimming pages in a magazine or online. I wouldn’t say the more the merrier, but a strategically designed website that’s visually appealing such as Co.Design makes browsing the web so much more enticing!

What are your thoughts? How important is a visually appealing website? And where do you see online newspapers such as The Boston Globe and The Atlantic fit in?

Photo courtesy of Flickr, ficknoster

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