2011 – A Look Ahead

With 2010 in our rearview mirror, let’s take a look at the upcoming year and make some predictions:

Oregon Ducks Football
Wow, who would of thought the Ducks would be playing for the national title this year after losing….what’s his face, something Masoli??? But here we are, a couple days from facing off with those pesky Auburn Tigers. Who will win? I think it’s going to be close based on both team’s similar playing styles. I’ve stuck with them all season, so there’s no reason why I would not say Oregon will win. Prediction: Oregon defeats Auburn 35-24 to win their first ever championship.

Portland Trail Blazers
Wow….wow….Greg Oden injured, I’m not surprised. But Brandon Roy out for potentially the entire season and — *deep breath* — maybe injury-prone for the rest of his career!? Say it isn’t so! What began as the budding of a championship contender in 2007 with the three cornerstones in Roy, Oden, and LaMarcus Aldridge has now morphed into a free-fall of confidence in the Blazers team and organization. Currently, the team is actually playing decent basketball. So who knows, they might continue to increase their level of play and maintain their status as a playoff contender. Prediction: Blazers make a run in the playoffs. Blazers defeat the Utah Jazz in 6 games. Lose to San Antonio in the second round.

Social Media and Technology Predictions

  1. Facebook will continue to grow at a rapid pace and will NOT go public. Although a few signs says they might go public in 2012.
  2. Location-based marketing and mobile applications will gain traction among an increased number of consumers and businesses. Facebook Places will lead the charge, with Foursquare behind them (far behind them).
  3. Google’s Android platform will continue to tease Apple as they continue to grow in size (Android based phones, tablets, applications, etc.)
  4. Tablets flood the market. Apple’s iPad still the industry standard.
  5. 3D this, 3D that…companies will dive into using 3D technology. I think 3D movies are overrated. Hopefully companies will be able to improve on what Toshiba is doing in regards to glasses-less 3D TVs.

Public Relations Trend

  1. Because of social media, PR will continue to transform from “pitching story ideas” to “content generator” with concentration on multimedia such as podcasts and video.
  2. Measurement for PR and social media will evolve as new metrics will come to the forefront.
  3. The PR industry will be growing at a faster than average pace. That’s good news for PR professionals!
  4. More PR trends can be found on the Public Relations Society of America website.

In terms of my personal goals and predictions, well…I think I keep that to myself for now. You’ll find out eventually 😉

Image courtesy of Flickr, Sally M.

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  1. […] I was wrong. In my previous post, I predicted that the Oregon Ducks would win a close championship game against the Auburn Tigers. […]

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