Boom! Time for a Game-Changer.

My previous post made me reflect on some of my best work done at the Oregon State Fair. One of the many highlights has got to be my take on Old Spice’s “The Man Your Man Could Smell Like” television spot created by Portland-based advertising agency Wieden+Kennedy. I didn’t create a commercial, but I did post a creative and hilarious comment on Facebook:

This Facebook post was quirky, fun, and garnered many “likes” and comments from people — consistent with our goals listed in our social media plan. I wasn’t the only one to take a spin on the Old Spice commercial. Sesame Street did a funny spoof with one of their characters and many others were inspired to do the same. It’s amazing how commercials can turn into a pop cultural phenomenon! The Old Spice commercials — which includes the wide-spread Old Spice digital response campaign — and others (Nike, Coca-Cola) gathered many recognition for the advertising agency responsible for branding and creating the clever ad spots for its clients.

Wieden+Kennedy is an independently-owned, creative-driven advertising agency with offices located around the world. Its client list include Nike, Coca-Cola, Target, Levi’s, Procter & Gamble, Old Spice, Travel Oregon and many others. As I was familiarizing myself with the agency, I was extremely impressed with the creative energy from the people that work there. It’s obvious their creativity then radiates into the work they produce.

One of the thing I like most about W+K is how global they are. Besides Portland and New York in the U.S., W+K also has offices in São Paulo, London, Amsterdam, Delhi, Shanghai, and Toyko. Each office operates with their own identity. According to Dave Luhr, W+K’s global chief operating officer, the winning recipe of their global offices include “one-third Wieden culture, one-third DNA of the host city and one-third the personality of whomever leads the office — then shake.” Its global presence brings a lot to the table in terms of a wide angle view of the world and communities that surround us…which can in turn bring in fresh perspectives and creative ideas to the team whether you’re in Portland or across the ocean in Toyko.

I couldn’t help but chuckle a little bit when I first discovered “Wiedenism.” Reminded me of the marketing guru Seth Godin with his “Godinism.” But Wiedenism is a bit different. It has attitude. Wiedenism are some key quotes and sayings from one of the agency founders, Dan Wieden. These words to live by include “Patience and progress are f*cking hard,” “Fail Harder” and my favorite, “Don’t say it, be it.”

I recently had a chance to speak with Porsha Monroe, a recruiter at W+K. We talked about my experience and interests, the culture at W+K, and a brief overview of a PR internship opportunity. I’m excited! Who knew a Facebook post would lead to myself potentially interning at the agency that created the original concept!

I may be foolish for writing a blog about W+K — obviously touting some of what I know and like about the agency. Porsha is a connection on LinkedIn so she might see this blog. Obviously I’m writing this blog entry with W+K — specifically their global PR director and Porsha — in mind. But you know what, I decided to let go. As I write my last couple of sentences for this post, I feel a lot better because I decided to walk in stupid. Stupid me for using my blog to persuade a potential employer to hire me. I agree, patience IS f*cking hard! Which is why I’m taking the reigns. So yeah, hire me! Intern, volunteer…whatever (okay I may be exaggerating). The experience I can gain (and vice-versa) at W+K is endless. Let me help you spread Wiedenism! The world will be a better place :).

I’ll shut up now. Your turn to talk.

Featured image courtesy of Flickr, Somewhat Frank.

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