Oregon Ducks fly to new heights, number one ranking first in school history

Weekends are 48 hours of pure “I can do whatever I want to” adventures. Some people go shopping, some go golfing, and others sit around waiting for something good to happen. For the Oregon Ducks (and their fans), that “something” happens to involve moving…moving up that is! For the first time in school history, the Ducks have flown to number one in the AP and Coaches poll…without even having to play a game last weekend. Congratulations!

That being said, let’s remember some of the school highlights over the past decade. Remember the fun-loving, piano-playing guy named Joey Harrington? His father was the principal of the high school I went to by the way. In 2002, Joey led the Ducks to its first 11-win season and a number two ranking in the AP and Coaches poll. Number two? That means they’re one of the top two teams in college football and will be playing for the national championship right? Well, not according to the computers. Like a scene in Terminator, the computers destroyed the Ducks’ chance of playing in the national championship game by dropping them down to number four in the all-too-controversial BCS rankings. The Ducks ended up playing Colorado at the Fiesta Bowl which they won 38-16.

In 2007, the Ducks’ high-flying offense was led by the versatile quarterback Dennis Dixon. With another number two national ranking, the Ducks were on a verge of playing for a national championship. Then “the Oden” happened. Oregon lost its star quarterback to injury and ended up losing three in a row; crushing their chance once again at playing for the national title.

So here we are: the year – 2010…the record – 6 wins, 0 losses…the rankings – number one in the AP/Coaches poll and number two in the BCS poll. I admire head coach Chip Kelly’s demeanor toward this historic news. A number one ranking now means nothing more than wine grapes in a vineyard. You can say you have the best crop, destined to produce the most exquisite, award-winning wines. But in actuality, you won’t really know until the grapes are harvested, crushed, fermented…until you have gone through the entire process of wine making. In other words, you must wait till the end before celebrating and saying you have produced the best wines…or in the Ducks’ case, saying you are the best team in college football.

December 5th…that’s the date the final BCS standings will be released and bowl match-ups determined. Hopefully we’ll see the Ducks in the national championship game. I’ll be watching with a glass of award-winning wine…preferably red, unless the opponent’s team color is red. Do they make green wines?

Photo courtesy of thelastminute on Flickr.

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