He said viral videos, not commercials!

I love the Apprentice, a show on NBC that showcases a number of contestants vying for a chance to be an apprentice to popular real-estate developer and businessman Donald Trump. This season goes back to its root with regular contestants – compared to celebrity contestants (Celebrity Apprentice). The last episode asked the two teams to create a viral video for Popcorn, Indiana – a brand of popcorn which also happens to be an actual town in Indiana.

Check out the videos produced by the women’s team and the men’s team.

Spoiler Alert! I feel bad for Tyana, who got the hand from the Trumpster. She understood the concept of a viral video: something unique and interesting that people who watch can’t help but send it along to their friends and family. Viral videos should be spontaneous, delivered with some risks, and aimed at generating humor (most popular), shock, or some sort of emotion that causes one to forward the video to someone else. In the end, because Tyana didn’t offer any ideas for her team and was depicted by her teammates as giving up on the task, she was fired by Donald Trump.

I was kinda disappointed in both the men and women teams. Neither hit the mark in what a viral video should look like. The women’s video was too scripted like a commercial. Actually, both videos felt like a commercial…although the men came close to viral potential. However, I don’t think it’s a good idea to be tossing your product around outside in the rain (which is what the men did). Especially if food is your product.

What do you think? You like the men’s video better or the women’s? Would either one “spread like a wildfire” online? Leave a comment below!

Photo courtesy of inju on Flickr.

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